Writeful Places Writers Retreats


What our event attendees have to say

Diane Sewell-Dorce


These retreats deliver in aesthetics, quality and convenience. I love the intimate setting coupled with energetic and knowledgeable instructors—instructors who go out of their way for you, sharing their experiences on writing and publishing while cheerleading you along the way. If you’re looking for a place where you can write and share without feeling overwhelmed or competitive, this would be your ticket!


Workshop speaker Rekesha's unique gift of motivation, coupled with the professionalism that she possesses is amazing! If you have a book that needs to be birthed, and you desire to learn about the book publishing industry, then look no further. This retreat is the “write” one for you!

Monica McDowell

David McGoy


Any success that I've had as a writer/editor can be traced back to my first experience with the organizers of Writeful Places. When I attended their conference in Atlanta in 2000, it jump-started my writing career, and not just because of the inspiration, motivation, skills development and professional guidance it provided (and there was plenty of all of that!). The conferences, online community, and services offered by the organizers of Writeful Places are so impeccably planned, well-organized and superbly executed, they set a standard of quality and excellence that I still aspire to - not only in my writing process, but also in my entrepreneurial endeavors and my life in general. It's been a blessing to be a part of this community - my writing family - for over 20 years.


'You are not alone.' As writers, we sometimes forget this, and it is also the reason why these events have meant a great deal to me. Aside from the consistent attention to detail and excellence, the organizers have created a 'safe' place, a writing place, and a place to find (or reconnect) with your tribe. Within this bubble, this safe space, I have been inspired to create, experiment, play and look at my writing from a new perspective. I have always been an introvert, and I found myself moving beyond my comfort zone and actively participating in discussions. I learned to have confidence in my writing voice and to keep going. Ultimately, I came away from the experience full of excitement and eager to further my writing career.

Deb Osorio

Kimberly Bibbs


It's Not Just An Event; It's An Adventure!
I always look forward to attending events given by phenomenal Writeful Places co-founders! Tia's choices of venues are nothing short of spectacular. In addition to the wealth of information I received, the beautiful hotels made me feel like a celebrity for the time I was there. Everyone is treated like family. When you attend their events, you can truly say, "we are family." Because that's what you will become by the time you leave. I am looking forward to my next luxurious adventure.


I have attended several events organized by Tia Ross, one of the founders of Writeful Places, and each has made an impact on my writing journey. Her events are always well-organized and well-staffed with special considerations given to the workshops, panelists and functions. Close attention is paid to the details. Current trends, industry knowledge of speakers and networking opportunities are all incorporated. Every event has been well attended, from newbies to publishers and film producers. I've met a number of people at your events and established lifelong relationships because a supportive community is formed from attendance and you can't put a price on that! My writing journey has definitely been enriched from attending your events and my professional writing career began as a result.

Si'Mone Ferguson

Jeanette Hill


Having attended a number of events managed by Tia Ross, a founder of Writeful Places, I've learned that she is a master at pulling together the components of a successful event and program. Her events are enlightening, engaging and fun! I am impressed by the way the events are organized and executed to meet the expectations of those in attendance. This includes the choice of venue, quality of speakers, agenda, and the attention to detail that her staff provides.

Askia Farrell

Great Return On Investment

I thought about this for a minute and if I were to boil down my experience at writing functions run by Tia Ross, one of the founders of Writeful Places, to one word – beside “quality” – that word would have to be “efficient.” I’m a HUGE believer in not having my time wasted, so having been to other conferences previously with events scheduled to start at 9AM that didn’t begin until 9:35, making you late to another event you wanted to attend, I was very appreciative that that wasn’t the case at her events. Couple that with the programs themselves that were well run, of interest and chock full of helpful information, I can say it was a great return on my investment. I left feeling well-equipped to taking my writing to the next level as you’re given plenty of information and resources. Now what you do with all that is on you, but you certainly walk away with the tools to make it happen!

Patricia Haley

Write Where I Want To Be

Oftentimes when you think of the term ‘cumulative’, it is referring to academics/grade point average (GPA), as the connote of the word means “increasing or increased in quantity, degree, or force by successive additions.”

This defines my experience with events by the creators of Writeful Places.

Every year was a rich and fulfilling experience. The events were impeccably coordinated, layered with information, which allowed us to individually and collectively learn from various workshops and forums. During and beyond these conferences, we also celebrated personal victories/success stories, and above all, gained lasting camaraderie and support which maintains itself to this day.

Having attended the events for one or several years planted the seed which blossomed the writer in me. In all of us. There aren’t enough words to express the impetus created from this writing oasis. Even as I write this, words pale. My past participation with the workshops, engaging with my peers (and well versed subject matter experts), and overall input and output afforded me the skills and courage to continue my writing endeavors and support others as well.

Dr. Jacqualyn Green

Before Writeful Places, there was Tia Ross orchestrating events that have brought authors, editors, publishers, technical advisors and literary law experts together since 2000. I can share with you the history prior to the formation of Writeful Places and why any event backed by Tia Ross is one you want to attend.

My first book was published in 2005 and I have been involved with her conferences since 2006. I was initially impressed by the diversity of topics that were offered to writers and the focus upon reaching individuals at any point they were in their writing career. Thus, the content covered in these events was tailored to accommodate the aspiring writer, the seasoned writer and individuals anywhere in between, with information provided for both the fiction and non-fiction writer.

She also developed retreats for aspiring authors or writers who want to enhance their literary skills. They too, were well planned and executed, with agendas that allowed concentrated time for review and development of written materials. Participants work with a mentor and in a supportive group setting which allowed them to share thoughts and progress and to receive invaluable feedback from others. Several attendees have published the books that were created or refined during the retreats.

I have participated as both an attendee and a presenter, and Tia is exceptional as a conference planner. As a consultant who has participated in numerous conferences across the United States and abroad, I rate Tia an A+ on her execution of a successful event on each occasion. The preliminary materials, including formatting guidelines sent to presenters, help in assuring that attendees receive information that is designed in a similar fashion. This brings an additional level of sophistication and professionalism to her events. The myriad topics offered allows a wide range of opportunities for learning. She even allocated time for authors to display their works and continues doing so through regional author expos.

These events have consistently been informative and enlightening. The information that I have gleaned has helped me in writing my next three books! Because of the helpfulness of the materials provided and the contacts made at the events I have encouraged several of my fellow authors to attend. Some have done so and have indicated that the information provided was invaluable to them as well.

The valuable content, combined with opportunities for socializing and exposure to the arts, contributes to the bonding that occurs during these events. Several participants of the conferences have become long-standing friends and associates. Although I can always call upon Ms. Ross for advice and direction, I now have a pool of individuals with a variety of specialties who can guide my writing process. I feel that my participation in the events directed by Ms. Ross has provided me with a village with similar goals and interests. This has been an outstanding experience which connects, supports, informs and inspires so many Black authors to tell their stories. I look forward to the next writing event with great anticipation.

Lisa Ann Johnson

I have attended many writing events hosted by Midwife Rekesha Pittman, co-founder of Writeful Places. She’s not called the “Midwife” for nothing. She is gifted to pull books out of you. I have also noticed that she doesn’t just have that ability in the process of writing and publishing, I noticed many other things in me and my life were getting WRITE! Every event propels one to take action. She inspired me to want to practically RUN out of the workshop, excited to get to work on what I learned! Her teaching style is simple, yet profound, and taught with enthusiasm and with energy. She has so much knowledge to share that you wonder how can it all fit in one brain (lol). 

Rekesha is an extremely intelligent, down-to-earth teacher/coach who shares her knowledge and creativity freely. She is always current with technology and can operate any social media outlet with ease (she will teach you that, too!). She does it all with excellence, humor, and a smile! I must say the last event I attended called “Success Speaks” was the moment all of the teaching I’ve gleaned thus far seemed to all come together. When teaching, she tells you to “follow the ‘recipe’” and one will experience success in the book publishing process. Her latest book, “Birth of a Saleswoman” encourages readers to “find your ‘oil’” (your core talent). AHA! A recipe won’t work if it’s missing an ingredient (oil). That AHA moment happened at her writing event that caused the “volcano” that’s been brewing within me to erupt! You will never leave one of her events without a moment of “AHA” and being changed! An incredible author, writing coach, mentor, speaker, teacher, publisher, and more who has helped me Get Write! – Lisa Ann Johnson